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Almost Friday Playlist

março 18, 2010

Yeah, I´ve been too busy, trying to make money to stop working and dedicate all my life on music. So far, no good. Sometimes I have time to find some nice music, beautiful remixes and put them all together for a post. So, here I am with some stuff I think is wicked! Well, I don’t have too many watchers in my blog but the few ones who check me are special people! Thanks! And if my english is not ok, pay me some classes. If possible, in Canada.

This EP from Cassette Club is all good but this remix in special, got my attention.

Dave Miller + Kelly Hayden = Maison D’aime

delicious deep soul house

Pablo Decoder & Blende – So Well

Bomb! Dj Paul Ahi – South Beach (Fukkk Off remix)

lllooovvveee every remix of fukkk off

Again, this beautiful release but another great remix, now from Mighty Mouse

Sare Havlicek – Pork Chop Express

Undbeat – L’endroit Dehors (Toomy Disco Remix)

Claes Rosen – Sparkles

original + remix fr Martin Virgin & South express


Sunday Bomb

março 14, 2010

Performance – The Living (Russ Chimes rmx)

Official video (original version)