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Breakbot (extended)

março 9, 2010

Breakbot is making me happy in music for some time, so I decided to make this extended post with a few of his (nice) work. Discovered a nice mashup from DCUP with ‘Baby I’m yours’ + ‘Take you there’ fr Madonna. Made her music so much better! 🙂

Here is his greatest hit these days, with what I think the best remixes

At last but not least, beautiful remixes


Kavinsky + Breakbot

março 9, 2010

With the release of the EP ‘Nightcall’, I found two tracks worth to be on repeat. Not that the other ones are bad, but these two are on my everything playlists, specially the breakot remix, who I am a fan of. Also, thanks to @friendsbyfar who introduced me to them.

Tuesday Menu

março 2, 2010

We have sweet d&b with delicious vocals, nu disco flavoured, regular indie, beautiful kind of indie deep, a hot-hip-hop with a touch of some indie dance and the chef choice secret with classixx dressing.

Below our Specials of the day: